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Town History

On January 8, 1950, the Evangelical Free Church community Greifswald founded what.

This was Preceded by The First Years of the postwar period, in the Investigated many people-Including many refugees-a new orientation for Their Lives.

To the municipality were so many Christians from the Greifswald region. Of the original 335 parishioners morethan half Went to 1960 in the western part of Germany to build a new life there. In 1972, another community in Torgelow which founded in the half of the remaining 180 parishioners were at home.

The merger of two free churches in Anklam in 1991 alternated twenty parishioners there. Today the Greifswalder community includes sixty members. Until 1990, the town on the road 24 fish which at home, then to 1996 guest of Nicholas parish in Lutherhof.

Then They could use the house of the Adventist Church in the Greifswald Anklamer Straße 13/14 until the first service in Their Own Community Center in the Brüggstrasse 5 Could be celebrated on September 9, 2001