About us

About us

We are a municipality in the "Federation of Evangelical Free Church in Germany Kdö.R. "A democratically organized Association of Municipalities of about 940 autonomous municipalities and branch communities with a total of about 87,000 members.

The municipalities have Their roots in the movement of the Baptists (English:" baptist "= Baptist). Globally , we are part of the World Alliance of Baptists, a Christian church with over 40 million members in 125 countries around the world.

We are Protestants ... With the Churches of the Reformation we confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world, who made ??us righteous by grace alone and by faith alone before God. The Bible is a measure of our teaching and our lives

We are Free Church ... That Means for us: Our church has always been a clear separation of church and state, and advocated complete freedom of conscience. In contrast to the large national church we are a free church. Each municipality is financed by voluntary contributions and donations. Member of The Community is, who can be baptized in the voluntary confession of his faith in Jesus, Following The Example of the New Testament.

We are community ... That Means for us. We do not see ourselves as to organization or institution The designation as a Free Church emphasizes its Unabhängigkeit.Die municipalities are autonomous and are financed by voluntary contributions of its membership in a community based on Mitglieder.

The Independent decision of the individual to live his life by faith in Jesus Christ and trust in God to shape. As of expression and as a result of this decision people will getauft.Das community life is Influenced by the fact, to discover the tremendous opportunities afforded by faith in our personal lives and in shaping a humane society and to use.